Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 Bible Bee Nationals Day 3

Today we did some sight-seeing with our friends (and fellow bloggers
the Krahns in the Smoky Mountains!

The kids

The parents

Joe and Caleb at the top of Cataract Falls

Kind of bad planning on our part - hiking in flip flops?!

Rebecca with the cut of a tulip tree in the visitor center

Running into more Bible Bee friends along the way

What a lovely view!

The guys and Mr. Krahn enjoyed exploring off the beaten path :)

A rare straight section of pavement in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Lunch by the river

Exploring the river

Right after this pic, Julia fell in :)

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!
Psalm 8:9

The curator explaining the history of Bible translation 

A page from a 1591 Geneva Bible (which was out, and we could touch :)

Rebecca with a huge pulpit Bible

If you are ever in the Smoky Mountain area, this is a must-visit!

We arrived back at the convention center in time to watch the Senior Semi-finals.

Our dear friend Lucy Alessio made the cut, and is going to Finals!!!

If you are interested in watching any of the Final Challenge Rounds on Saturday, 

After the competition wrapped up, we had a few families over
for a time of food, fellowship and prayer.

The guys out on the deck (with a lamp :)

Happy munchers

All hands on deck!

The long lost twin dolls!

Wrapping up the day with Dutch Blitz in the hotel stairwell!!!


  1. What fun!

    How neat that Lucy is your friend- we watched all day today- she did great! :)


  2. The kids at home said they had to read your blog to see what we were up to! Thanks for the great time in the Smokies! We did see a bear and her cubs on the way out.

    1. @ K. Family - We had an awesome time with you guys in the Smokies!!!! So great to see you again!

  3. Y'all are in for a BIG surprise, weather-wise, when you return home!! Brrrrrrrr .... enjoy your "southern" weather while you can ... ;) Mrs. Bryson