Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Bible Bee Nationals Day 4

Today was the last day of the Bible Bee...

Senior finals wrapped up the afternoon

Dr. Michael Farris of Patrick Henry College was the emcee

The finalists take their places...

Our dear friend Lucy Alessio placed 2nd!!!

The 2013 senior winners!

Hearing the Word spoken by these and many other contestants was a wonderful blessing!!

Anna congratulates Lucy

First place winner, Ryan Sinni, signs Julia's book
Carissa and Anna

The Bates Family had a booth outside the main event area. 

Mrs. Bates and Mom

Chatting with the Bates children

The closing ceremony was a great blessing (stay tuned for a video :)

Fellowship time!

Last spring, Melody took a  Constitutional Law course
taught by Dr. Michael Farris of Patrick Henry College

Lorie, Melody, Dr. Farris, and Pat

Many great pics with friends from around the United States!

These guys are from a family in Louisiana who follows our blog :)

The guys with Scott

There may be a few additional pics added to this post as they
 get passed along from friends, etc. :)

We had a blessed time at the 2013 Bible Bee Nationals,
and can't wait to see what next year may hold!!!


  1. Fun pictures!!! I spied Jordan in a few there as well as some other familiar faces. ;) It looks like you all had so much fun... I hope we all can go next year! :D

  2. I enjoyed your updates! And it was fun to see Jordan in quite a few pictures!
    Did you all know that the closing ceremonies was lived streamed? We enjoyed watching it! ~Shiloh

    1. @Shiloh - We weren't aware of that, but glad that it was! Jordan did great on the accompaniment!

  3. It was so neat to watch Lacy after we read that you all knew her! So exiting! :)

    How cool that the Bates family was there! We are big fans of there's also!

    It would be amazing to be able to attend next year in FL.
    Thanks for keeping us posted we really enjoyed it!

    on behalf of the Shashaguay family

  4. How fun to share your trip with you through your pictures and how neat to meet the Bates family!

  5. What an awesomely encouraging time! It was sad to see the time come to a close. :( I absolutely loved talking with Anna and it's super fun to read through these daily updates. =) Have a blessed (*tear*) year and it was a blessing seeing you all there! ~elizabeth.

  6. So much fun to see you all again! Glad I don't have devil's eyes on your guy's camera :-P.
    Until we meet again!

    1. @Hannah - I made sure to fix your "devil's eyes" ;) Great to see your family again as well!!!

  7. Wonderful to see you all again! This year was even better than last! Talk about a blast!

    1. Great to see you again as well Jordan!! It was a great time!