Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bible Bee Concert 2013

UPDATE: Here is a video of the entire concert for your viewing enjoyment!

Our opening piece

Funny introductions

Anna and Lydia during our family string piece

The piano trio

Check out Anna's website here

Anna played a lovely classical harp solo

Heritage String Quartet

Dad gave a gospel message from Ephesians 2

Vocal quartet

Family singing

Younger girls singing "Teach Me Your Way"

Vocal trio

Final string song "Come Thou Fount"

We ended with our traditional setup - oldest to youngest!


  1. Looks like it went really well!
    We will love to listen to the videos!


  2. Great pictures! I'm looking forward to watching the videos. :)

  3. So glad we could see the video since we couldn't be there! It was great!