Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Without God, we are powerless...

So, we are leaving for the Bible Bee Nationals early Wednesday morning.

Slight complication - our power had been out since early Monday morning. 

The storms that came through the Midwest knocked out over 500,000 here in MI. 

Our Sunday evening service was even canceled,
the first time that has happened due to inclement weather in 20+ years!!

We had many trees come down in the woods...

We are thankful for generators!

Since we heat with wood, only a small amount of 
electricity is needed to run the circulation pumps.

Because we had been informed it could be as late as Saturday before the power returned,
we packed up a chest freezer and a fridge Monday night
and took them over to a friend's house. 

We are guessing the freezer (full of food, of course) was 800+ lbs!

On Tuesday, the girls packed Grace's car full of laundry
 to do at our friend's house.

Melody brought along a lot of baking to do with Mary helping -
pumpkin muffins (batter up!), zucchini muffins, spaghetti,
and granola bars

Providentially, our power returned a couple of hours ago, so there doesn't look like
 there will be any complications with our trip (such as Pat or Jon having to stay behind).

God is good!

This evening was filled with packing and preparing for the trip!

Rebecca is the sandwich queen!

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow!

Stay tuned for updates from the Bible Bee Nationals in Tennessee, 
and can't wait to see many of you Bible Bee families there!


  1. It is amazing that we did not loose power at all- our little valley we live in keeps us protected pretty well. :) Though we did have high winds and a few dead trees fall, it is nothing compared to what some have gone through this week. We are very blessed!

    What a relief that you will all still be able to attend the Bible Bee! Though we will not be going- we are going to be watching it live- our homeschool building sent us a link! I hope that all of who have been practicing will do well!

    Have a blessed time!