Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas break projects

For our family, the time between Christmas and New Year's is usually set aside for house projects.
A few of the things we have done in the past: we have built a ramp for a friend, fixed up
various rooms, built a large porch addition, besides the annual painting, fixing, and maintenance :)

Near the end of the 5 1/2 days our power was out,
we took the opportunity to do a few electrical projects.

A familiar sight to many when the power is out :(

The power cord from our generator has always seemed to be in annoying places :)

At our old house, we ran the line in through our kitchen window (above our sink)

Pre-fix - Our garage door was most accommodating to our line :)

To rectify this annoyance (and to cut down on noise and possible problems) 
we added a dedicated 50 amp backfeed circuit to our master electrical panel.

Running new wire

Wiring in the new circuit

We now have a handy outlet in the garage to backfeed with our generator!
Goodbye cords running through the house!

We also replaced our side door (the one that gets used the most :)

The old door leaked like a sieve

New door is tight as a drum!
Notice the sticky note made the transition to the new door:)

For some reason, we always seem to wait until the 
weather gets cold to do larger-scale outdoor projects.

This year was no exception :)

We added an addition to our 12'x24' outbuilding,
which will effectively double the floor space we had previously.

We wanted more space to cover
1 leaky van trailer
1 quad trailer
2-4 snowmobiles (depending on stage of repair)
Misc lawn sweepers, hoses, fencing, 1/2 ton of paper for garden, etc. 


Drilling the post-holes

Posts installed

Trimming the posts after header install

All of the wood except the treated posts we had salvaged from a farmer down the road,
so the only things we needed to buy besides the posts was the roofing materials!

Removing the T 111 siding to reuse later on new end walls

OSB and door headers hung

Saturday Dec. 28 was an amazingly warm day - it got up to almost 40 degrees!
Perfect for putting on the roof!
(As I write this it's -10) Ya' gotta love Michigan!!!

Caleb laying tar paper

Shoveling off the existing roof (to avoid water running all over the new :)

Sorry, no pics of laying shingle - too busy working :)

Caleb anchoring an end wall with rerod

We wanted to make the end walls removable just in case we needed to 
put something larger in there like a car, so we made the walls independent
of the barn, and only anchored them by a few screws.
To make it solid, we also drove some rerod through the base plate - it's solid as a rock now!

Parking the sleds inside for the first time! 

Having a pull-through with doors on both ends was a big deal, 
so we don't have to drag the sleds backwards out of the barn every time!

Inside is actually quite roomy!

There are several things we need to finish when spring rolls around. 
We need to:
 Grade the floor
Hang the doors (dependent on grade :)
Finish and paint siding and add ratboard on sidewall
Additional wiring for lights, plugs


We are thankful for the safety the Lord gave during the project,
and look forward to putting this addition to (further) good use!

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