Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guess Who? Challenge ANSWERED - February 2014

It's time for our monthly Guess Who? Challenge!

This an old picture of... well, give it your best shot!
Leave a comment with your guess of who is in the picture, and the answer
will be revealed a week after the original post.

This is ME (Lydia)!!

I cloned out the name on the bib,
so that it would be harder for y'all to guess :)

Get ready, 'cause it gets harder from here!


  1. I'm going to guess John! But I'm probably totally wrong. I think I haven't known your family long enough to distinguish your faces with clarity.

  2. I think I'm going with Joseph too.

  3. I think it's Joseph.... I"m pretty sure of it actually!

  4. Everyone is saying Joseph but I think it's John.

  5. Aw... I was fooled by the bib color. I thought it was one of the boys! Good job Lydia!