Thursday, February 6, 2014

Joseph's 18th Birthday!

Joseph turned 18 years old today! We are so grateful for 
his loving and teachable spirit, and look forward to how 
the Lord uses him!

Here are 18 fun and interesting facts about Joseph:

  1. He is the family comedian
  2. As a toddler, Joseph pulled out his hair and had a bald spot
  3. Loves to fix up engines (especially snowmobiles)
  4. He had a blanket called "The HMMMM blanky" (inside joke) until Jonathan convinced him to throw it away (this was many years ago!)
  5. Loves to go barefoot
  6. He is Rebecca's "brown-eyed boy" - they are the only two kids with brown eyes
  7. Interested in survival/preparedness resources
  8. Often takes two teaspoons of cayenne pepper a day
  9. Family mechanic (finished one project - quad - and acquired another - snowmobile - both today!)
  10. Loves listening to sermons from John MacArthur and J. Vernon McGee
  11. Joseph is our resident workout nut
  12. He is our lone string bass player - and does a great job of it!
  13. He runs the family garden
  14. Loves Subway
  15. He and Anna are best buddies
  16. Will soon get his driver's permit
  17. Loves rocking chairs
  18. Is the only member of our immediate family who has killed a deer

Feel free to leave a comment wishing Joseph a Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Joseph! We had a lot of fun reading these facts....two teaspoon of cayenne pepper a day?!?! Wow!!

  2. Happy Birthday Joseph!
    We hope you have a wonderful year, filled with new discoveries, and
    Grand adventures with God.

    The Smythe Family

  3. Happy birthday, Joseph! Blessings as you follow Jesus on the course of obedience! (Psalm 119:32)

  4. Happy birthday, Joseph!

    family comedian??? I'm always blamed for being the same thing in our family! But I like it! ;)

  5. Happy of birthdays!
    John MacArthur is one of my favorites too!


  6. Happy birthday, Joseph! May God bless you with another exciting year!