Monday, March 17, 2014

(More) 2014 Winter projects

Over the winter, Joseph has been rebuilding our two four-wheelers.

He had been planning on tearing into the smaller one for a while,
 which is a 1986 Suzuki LT 185.

Too cold to work outside? Just bring the project inside!

Top end is sparkling!
Assembling for first run

Breaking in the engine - it has waaaay better pickup after the rebuild!
In early January, our big quad (1991 Suzuki LT 250 4WD)
lost all compression for *unknown* reasons.

So, we toted it over to the "heated garage" and brought it inside for repairs :)

Check out the sped-up video of us getting it inside:

Turns out a piston ring was broken = no compression :(

Honing the cylinder 

Dingleberry cylinder honing brush

Crossthatch hone pattern on sleeve wall

Quad is now running back up to specs! 

Quad is waaay better for hauling wood than the sleds :)

In February, we found an amazing deal on Craigslist for a 1994 Polaris Indy XLT, which Jon bought.

It wasn't in running condition, so we went through the carbs, and gave everything a thorough cleaning.

Turns out the issue was mainly old gas :)
Love easy solutions like that!

We took out almost 5 gallons of dirty, disgusting gasoline :(

Carbs cleaned and ready to go!

Started up pretty quickly, and the 600 triple engine sounds awesome!

Two are better than one :)

Since the two quads are done, Joseph is now getting paid to rebuild a 3-wheeler for a friend!

He has become quite proficient at diagnosing and fixing common issues such as 
low compression, leaks, and other similar problems. 

Again, our "heated garage space" is coming in handy!

Joe had to pull the engine to get to the top end. 

Joe has gained some great experience this winter working on quad, snowmobile,
and snowblower engines! Such a great life skill to have!


  1. Future potential wives take note... very good skills for a husband to have!

  2. Wow that looks like quite the reconstruction. I'm very impressed.