Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Bible Bee friend...

Some of you folks from Bible Bee may remember Sophie LaFleur.
Well, we had the privilege of having her and two other young ladies over to our house!
They were traveling in the Faith Chorale and it just so happened that they came to our church!

Fellowshipping around the dinner table

The Chorale was such a blessing to our church and it was great to see Sophie again too!
We pray for God's blessings on Sophie's upcoming wedding in May!

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  1. Oh wow:) that's SO exciting that you got to visit with Sophie. I was great friends with her when we did Bible Bee together, and I was so encouraged by her love for God. For some reason from her blog I thought she was already married....opps:) but I guess I was on the right track anyhow:) if you get a chance to talk with her again, please say hi, and congratulations from me:)