Monday, April 21, 2014

Making Sarmale on Good Friday...

Every other year, our family on Mom's side makes Sarmale, 
a traditional Romanian dish (basically, stuffed cabbage).
Here are some of the pics we took throughout the day.

The girls colored hard-boiled eggs for an egg breaking contest on Sunday!

Lots of pans!

I (Lydia) did some of the meat mixing

Good teamwork

Gideon hard at work

The pros can do the hard work really fast :)

Josiah worked on the ham

Rolling the Sarmale... put in the pans.

In the end, we rolled 216 Sarmale!

Plus, we used 53 pounds of sauerkraut!

A delicious lunch awaited us after we finished the Sarmale!

Y'all may remember 2 years ago when we did this video showing how we made sarmale:

Here's a video from this year of Rebecca making sarmale:

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