Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anna's Birthday!

Today is Anna's 17th birthday!


17 interesting and fun facts about Anna:

1. She cooks lunch for us every day (any ideas for eggs on Tuesday?).
2. Her favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee.
3. Is the poet of the family.
4. Has a water-bottle-spilling syndrome.
5. When she was younger she called Au Gratin potatoes Hog Rotten potatoes.
6. She is very outgoing in all of her activities.
7. Does the dishes for the family.
8. She has been "married" as a kid to two of her brothers multiple times with Dad officiating :)
9. Has had the deepest voice of all the girls.
10. Her favorite verse Psalm 73:25-26.
11. She has been saving for a pedal harp since '07.
12. Has made it to the National Bible Bee twice.
13. She sucked her two middle fingers and twirled her hair when she was younger.
14. Out of all the girls, Anna is the best quad/snowmobile driver.
15. Is one of the altos in our family choir.
16. She has written many hymn arrangements for the harp.
17. When she was almost 3, she said her middle name was Banana.

We love you Anna Marina and are excited to see God's future plans for your life!

Please comment or email Anna to wish her a Happy 17th Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday , Anna! Hope you have a great day! May God bless you more than ever this year!

  2. Happy Birthday Anna! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Anna!!

  4. That picture made me laugh! :D

    Happy Birthday, Anna! It seems like we have a lot of similarities... I mean, it's not every day you find there's a fellow alto singer! ;)

  5. Happy Birthday, dear Anna! =) I hope you had an awesome birthday...praying for a wonderful year ahead of you!! *hugs*

    If you have any of your harp arrangements written in sheet music, I'd *love* to see some of them! =)

  6. Happy Birthday Anna! May God richly bless you this year, and keep you focused on Him. May He give you the desires of your heart, and cause all that you do to prosper.

    Lots of love,


  7. Happy birthday, Anna! Have a wonderful year drawing closer to God!

  8. Anna! I love this post :). I can definitely relate to the last one...except I used to greatly dislike being called "Hannah Banana" :). Happy Birthday, dear friend!!

  9. Happy birthday Anna! :)
    Hee hee, water bottle spilling syndrome sounds familiar. ;)

  10. Happy birthday from all of us! Hosanna used to say her name was Hosanna Banana too when people asked her what her name was because we called her that so much. Have a great birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday Anna!

  12. @Kaylah - thank you so much. Your friendship means very much to me and we are praying for your family often. May the Lord's peace follow you now and always. Thank you for the blessing!

    @Salinn - thanks - it was a very special day, with my sisters' joint student recital in the evening and the 11 other people in the house saying happy birthday in the morning:) All y'all's comments made it special, too:)

    @Shiloh - blessings! One of these days we will actually meet you. It won't seem like it, though, because we all feel like we know you already:) I'd love to play harp with you, too!

    @Bethany - Ah, yes. And we play violin and we have a similar personality and we home school and we are part of a large family......:) While my sister was taking the picture of me, she said it might be going on the blog, and then I made that face:) Oh, well.

    @Rachel Irene - hugs to you too! Thanks for your prayers. It's hard to believe I've only met you in person once:) Actually, I do my harp arranging on Finale, so they are all PDF documents that I can share with anybody:) But I'll probably want to perfect them before I send them to you. I would appreciate your prayers along those lines as I see where the Lord leads, both in my arrangements (such as publishing, recording a CD of them, etc.) as well as my harp business.

    @Elanee - thank you for the blessing. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you over the past.....I was going to say few years, but it has only been a few months, really:) That is my heart's cry, that I would be focused on Him and that I would constantly live in gratefulness to Him for eternal salvation.

    @Jordan - your encouragement means a lot. I have often been inspired by your example of giving your all to our Lord. Keep it up and stand firm.

    @Hannah - of course:) I also got "little Lorie" because I look so much like my mom...but I thank you for your friendship and pray that we will follow hard after God together.

    @Paige - haha, yes. I recently threw away the spilling water bottle and am expecting a new one in the mail soon. I double checked that the new one had a screw top:) Would love to meet you someday:)

    @The K. Family - blessings! That's hilarious about Hosanna - I didn't like being called that, and the name has been dying off for several years, so I think I'm safe:) I am praying for Hosanna.

    @Stephen - thank you for your kind wishes. My birthday was a special one filled with joy.

    Blessings to you all.

  13. I can't believe I missed your Birthday. Well Happy B-Day anyways. Wish I was there to celebrate with y'all. Hope you had an awesome day filled with joy. Blessings to you my friend.


    1. Hey Thabeh! It's been a while! Great to hear from you. I so wish you could have been here, too! Thank you for the blessing and say hi to everyone over there. We love you all and sincerely hope to see you soon. Love, Anna