Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 happenings...

These are pictures from the past couple of months that we never got around to posting.

At a ladies' retreat that we attended they had a fun activity of
making your pastors out of some random materials.

Here's our music pastor conducting :)

When one of us kids has a birthday, Dad and Mom take that person out to a restaurant!

Who's the third person in there?!?

Mom and Joseph - Mexican of course!

Hannah and Rebecca - look at those smiles :)

Sarah and Anna 

Christina and Grace

Melody and Stephanie

Mom and Rebecca - they went out to Culver's for dinner!

Dad and Rebecca

Someone's sleepy!

Gideon, Uncle Gordon and Rebecca

Sisters :)

Notice something unusual in this pic?!?

More sleeping...

Some of the kids went to the Matthaei Gardens in Ann Arbor - beautiful!

That's it for the random pics!

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