Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mary's Birthday!

Today is a very special day - it's Mary's 11th Birthday! 
She was born on June 11th, 2003, and she's turning 11 today, so this year is her golden birthday!

11 fun and interesting facts about Mary:
1. Has a dry sense of humor
2. Called Vivaldi's Four Seasons, "The Four Lazy Susans" 
3. Is the leader of the "3 little or younger girls"
4. When she was 4, she said, "I'm not a bebe, I'm a chien!"
5. Not fond of spaghetti unless it is made with Italian sausage
6. At 4 years old, she said, "With silver bells and taco shells!"
7. Can wear some of Grace's clothes
8. When playing wedding she said, "We need to sign the license plate!"
9. She called her big laugh her belly button laugh
10. Declared at age 4, "I don't want chicken pops!"
11. Rivals the boys in the amount she can eat :)

Please feel free to comment and wish Mary a "Happy Birthday"!


  1. Happy golden birthday, Mary!
    The Beckmans

  2. Happy Birthday Mary!
    May God richly bless your year and help you to grow in the knowledge of Him!
    The Smythe Family

  3. Happy birthday Mary! Hope it will be very golden, silver, turquoise, charcoal, burgundy, and all that good stuff! :)


  4. Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you have a wonderful year :).

  5. Happy Birthday dear Mary!! I hope you had a fantastical day!

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary! Have fun crunching on those "silver bells and taco shells!"

  7. Happy Birthday, Mary, from everyone at our house!

  8. @The Beckmans Thank you! See you soon!
    @Elanee Thank you very much!
    @Matthew You must know some of my favorite colors! We're counting down the days 'til we see you!
    @Hannah Thank you! I hope so too!
    @Esther Thanks! I wish we could see you in some future String Camps!
    @Stephen Thanks! Tacos are my favorite!
    @The K. Family Thank you! It was fun with you at the Bible Bee!

  9. Hi Mary,

    Happy birthday a good bit late! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Keep up the good work on the cello!!!!

    ~Kaylah Smith

  10. @Kaylah - Thank you! I enjoy playing cello!