Friday, June 27, 2014

More 2014 happenings...

We went to our cousins' house recently and had a blast while we were there!

Julia at the loom

Kaitlyn spinning wool into yarn!

We even got some horse rides!

Rebecca had a lot of fun

Joseph's lawn cutting job

Tired of reading a book? Just take a nap and you will feel much better!

What do you do at a recital? Sleep!

Our grandparents took us and our cousins out to Frankenmuth, MI
to celebrate 3 birthdays - Grandpa's 76th, Uncle Gordon's 50th and Dad's 50th!

Grandma & Grandpa Birchard

It's stollen bread!

The cake was delicious

Mom was able to see some of her friends that she hadn't seen for many years!

One of our friends recently had a baby and her name is Julia Ann!

Rebecca playing peek-a-boo

You are growing up so fast!

Like mother, like daughter

We had so much fun!

I think we are officially caught up!

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