Thursday, July 3, 2014

SSI 2014

Last week, seven Mieczkowskis were at the

Pat and Grace were chaperones for the week.

Melody did the Moot Court track.

Joseph and Anna were on staff at the SSI Observer (daily newspaper covering the camp).

Caleb and Lydia were both in the mock Senate legislative track.

The House of Representatives with Senate and House SSI members seated

Lydia giving one of her 3 speeches
1 - Against prohibiting bullying
2 - For Epi pen administration
3 - Open debate for fellow senators against drones

Grace acting as Madam President of the Senate
You should have heard her whack that gavel!

Mark did a great job!

Somebody got a little bored...

Lydia is all smiles

Melody did the Moot Court track for the 3rd year in a row!

Christian and Melody - co-appellees in the Intelligent Design case.
They won their case!

Michigan Supreme Court Justice David Viviano
 with Melody waiting to present her case

The courtroom with Melody before the judges 

Melody and her encouraging instructor, Rachel Denhollander
 (yes, Baby Annaliese is tucked in there!)

Zak and Rebecca having fun :)

You can see all of the articles that Joseph wrote here and the ones Anna wrote here.
Here are the broadcasts from the week:

How many Mieczkowskis can you spot?

The Student Statesmanship class of 2014 Week 2!

We all had a fantastic week of learning and fun at SSI!

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