Friday, July 11, 2014

What happened at home...Part 2

Here is the second installment of what the girls did while we gone at SSI!

The Three Little Pigs’ Doings
                Wednesday, June 25th
By Mary, age 11
Today we got up at 8:00. We ate a quick breakfast and then headed out the door. We had to go to our cousin’s place ‘cause she was givin’ us some stuff. When we got there, we immediately got to work. We loaded up a few things in the car and then headed to Grandma’s to eat lunch. Mom said to eat quick ‘cause she wanted to leave at 12:00 to get to our first surprise. We went down Woodward Avenue and turned into the Detroit Zoo! It was our first time there that we can remember. We found a parking spot and then played on the hippopotamus. That hippo has been there ever since Mom was a kid! Pretty neat! Mom signed up for a year-long membership. We walked through the gates and sat down on a bench to figure out where we wanted to go. So we went first to the Penguinarium. The penguins are so funny! When they walk, they waddle. They look like they’re having a hard time walking. The penguins slide down into the water and then swim around. Next, we went to the Aviary. We saw some pretty red birds sitting in the trees. There were all sorts of birds flying around. Then, we went to the river otter habitat. We didn’t see any otters swimming around, but we did see a mamma with her two babies, sleeping. Then we went to the center that had all sorts of reptiles. It had snakes, stinks, turtles, and a crocodile! We next went to see the camels, white-lipped deer, and the Asian wild horse. I will just list the rest of the animals we saw in the order that we saw them: Tiger, Apes, Gorillas, and Flamingos. Seals, Prairie Dogs, Bison, and Bald

Eagles. Red Kangaroo, Wallaby, and Emu. There were three Grizzly bears that were orphaned the year that they were born in Alaska. The State of Alaska contacted The Detroit Zoo to see if they could take them. It was very funny, because there were three bears and three of us girls! Mom took a picture of us in front of  all three bears (‘cause they were all out). We next saw a Black Bear. The sign in front of his place said that Black bears are not always black. Very interesting! The one we saw was black :). Then, we saw an Aardvark (sleeping), and Giraffes (one of them came right next to the fence where we were!). The last things we saw were the Elands and Rhinos (they smell DISGUSTING!). Then we rode the train back to the main station. That train has been there ever since Mom was a kid! Then we went home to Grandma’s house and took some rest. We left for our last surprise of the day at 5:00. It turns out that we went to this restaurant called The Avenue that is on Woodward Avenue. The food was SOOOOOOOOO good! The music was very excellent! They had classical music on. Mom commented on the music to the manager. Interestingly enough, he said that they got the most compliments on the music. We left, went back to Grandma’s, picked up a few things, and headed off to church. After we came home from church, we read a story and went to bed.
At the Detroit Zoo!

Smiling by the Rackham Fountain

The three grizzly bears

By the giraffes

Getting a closer view of the giraffe

Visiting the Rhinoceros

Having fun while taking a ride on the train!

The Three Little Pigs' Gazette

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You have to ask PERMICHIGAN! -
Mary at 4
All men do is split and cut wood, and all us women do is bore babies!  -
Julia at 9
I’m allergic to naps! -
Rebecca at 4

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Creativity with Bikes
by Mary, age 11

    My family has quite a few bikes. Almost all of us ten kids have bikes. Well, one day, my brother and 2 younger sisters and I decided to have some fun with our bikes. So Ju, Buk, and I went down to the swing set while Caleb set up an obstacle course! Before, all we had done was set up some gas cans in a row with some space in between, and we would weave our way back and forth between them. Well, when we came up from the swing set and saw the obstacle course, we immediately thought, “This is going to be fun!”
    We've changed and improved after that, so I will just give you a picture of what it looks like now, instead of worrying you with all of our changes. First, you weave your way through the big wheels and then go up and down the ramp. Next, you weave your way through buckets and ride into the garage (assuming that both cars are out). Then you come out of the garage, weave your way through the little and big wheels and go around the whole obstacle course again and again!
    Let me explain to you what the ramp is made of. We have this HUGE 20-foot trailer. When Dad bought it, it came with two boards that you attach to the trailer, and you can drive up the boards and into the trailer. Well, back to the ramp. These two boards rest on top of two of Jon’s old Vibe wheels. On the other side, you go down two boards screwed together. I hope that you enjoyed our experience, creativity with bikes!

Scripture of the day:
Jeremiah 23:24
“Can a man hide himself in hiding places so I do not see him?” declares the Lord. “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the Lord.

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