Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 Sforzando String Camp Part 1

The day after OCMS String Camp, we went to IL for Sforzando String Camp!

Lydia practicing for her audition

Stephen kept us alive during the week with his goofiness :)

Mary thought she did pretty well on her audition!

Our wonderful director, Mr. Barlow

We got to sing in a choir too!

David looks very intent

Rebecca enjoyed her teacher, Miss York

The two Joshuas - they look thrilled

Do you know the answer?

Lydia won the prize on the first day
for answering the question right!
It was 16!

We also had dramas in which they told the story of how a hymn was written.
Here is Joshua acting out Isaac Newton and telling the story of "Amazing Grace"

Adelina did great for being the only cellist in her orchestra!

Olivia is an amazing violist

Who's up there?!?!?!

Lulu did a great job on telling kids how NOT to act in a concert :)

On Monday evening, the faculty held a recital in the auditorium!

Joshua's violin solo was amazing!

We had some goofy girls attending :)

Back row attenders can get really silly :)

Anna was grateful to be the concertmistress.

I love the expressions in this picture

Melody in Theory class...

Rebecca had a lot of fun in her Twinkle class!

Anna did a great job in her orchestra!

Caleb enjoyed his orchestra

Since Adelina was the only cellist in her orchestra, Jonathan came and helped her out :)

Dr. Custer is an amazing composition teacher!

The expressions in this picture are hilarious!

Grace was on faculty this year - she did a fantastic job and really enjoyed herself!

The Advanced choir

Conducting class

Lucy is such a joyful conductor!

Dr. Brown

The experts

A Caleb look

Benjamin got to help with one of the dramas and
 acted out the story behind the hymn "Jesus Loves Me"

He was smiling the whole time :)

Mrs. Custer was an excellent teacher in Theory II.

The Advanced Orchestra

Dr. Custer conducting one of the pieces he wrote!

Mrs. Custer is a beautiful harpist

Caleb and David did a great job singing in their choir!

So did Mary with her friends Emma and Julia!

The Intermediate choir

Matthew was one of our mighty cellists

Thursday was t-shirt and mis-match day, so these pictures are very funny :)

Jonathan had quite the outfit

Lulu came back with her hilarious clothing on - and hair :)

Mr. Barlow even joined in on the fun!

Grace did a lot of accompanying for the week

Dominic's outfit was very funny :)

Mary is listening very closely

Melody was able to participate in a cello master class...

...with Mr. Probus as the instructor

Elizabeth's quartet was tremendous!

Matthew's quartet had a little fun...

...and had newspaper hats on while they played :)
Here are Hannah and Lydia...

The whole Indian quartet

Anna and Melody's ensemble was outstanding! They had fun playing with Lucy,
Dominic, Melody and Sarah

You can't come through!

The Twinkles

Rebecca really knew her music!


Beginner Orchestra

Julia was privileged to sit concertmistress!

Intermediate Orchestra - Caleb and Mary did an excellent job!

Mr. Probus is an amazing conductor!

The Beginner's choir - Julia sang very beautifully along with everyone else.

Melody sat 1st chair for the cello section...

...and Lydia sat 1st chair for the 2nd violin section!

Dr. Brown is a cheerful conductor!

Jonathan did a great job on his solo!


We had the best kitchen staff for the week!

Our wonderful staff!

2014 Sforzando String Camp

Thank you to Chad Stembridge for taking a lot of these pictures and for all your hard work that week!

One of the goals of Sforzando String Camp is to train the next generation(s)
of musicians to minister in their local assemblies.

We had a wonderful time at Sforzando this year and we can't wait 'til next year!
{stay tuned for more pics soon!}


  1. Wait, which Lulu are we talking about???

    1. Not the one you're thinking about! Lol! ~ Lulu

  2. This looks like a great time of fun and learning! :) I enjoyed seeing all the photos.

  3. I wish I could just pop in the pictures and join you all. ;) This looks like a musician's heaven! :D