Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 Sforzando String Camp Part 2

Here are some of the activities that we did after camp was done for the day...

On Sunday, we went to Culver's with some good friends!

3 lovely matching young ladies

Is it supposed to be a goofy or smiley picture?!?!

The 2 Melodys

While at Culver's, we had 5 different orders :)

The 2 Melodys and 2 Annas

Melody, Anna, Grace, Melody, and Anna Grace
{see the pattern?!?}

On Tuesday evening, we went out for pizza with the Alessios!

Since some of us were in the conducting class, we conducted
at the restaurant and got a lot of weird looks :)

We can be pretty goofy too ;)

Lucy and Nicole could almost be mistaken for twins!

We were so glad that Cousin Sue was able to attend the Wednesday night service!

The three concertmistresses - Anna, Christina, and Julia!

The girls had so much fun with Emma and Laura!

Rebecca and Laura practiced “Amazing Grace” about 80 times!

Anna enjoyed getting some harp coaching from Mrs. Custer.

Lisa was such a fun girl to be with!

We went to an ice cream place with some friends...

...and it was really cold!

This is a single scoop :)

Are we serious enough?

The girls had a ton of fun playing with Laura!

Benjamin celebrated his 8th birthday on Friday! Happy birthday Ben!

Rebecca and Joannah

Lydia and Adelina

Rebecca, Adelina, Julia, and Laura

It was so good to see Julianne again!

Adelina, Anna, and Mary - ready for anything!

Olivia and Lydia

We saw this sign at a restaurant near the church...see anything wrong with it?!?!

We had a blast with Julia this year at camp!

This is how we all felt after a fun week at Sforzando...

While we were in Chicago, we were split up into 3 different houses.
Here is Mrs. Kuecher with the kids who stayed with her - Mom did too.
We really appreciate all of the kind hospitality!

Grace, Lydia, and our friend Elizabeth stayed with the Pastor’s family!

Here are the girls that stayed with Melody, Anna, and their family (rollover)

One last group shot with the girls before we go to MI!

It was so great to see many of our friends that we hadn't seen in such a long time.
Lord willing, we will be able to meet up again next year....or sooner!

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