Friday, August 8, 2014

A houseful of people!

During String Camp, our friends the Beckmans were able to stay at our home!

Throwing frisbees at Jon :)

We had 12 frisbees going at the same time - it was crazy!

We did some work around the house too;
here is Joseph washing the windows

Wow! He looks really small from here!

An outside view

Matthew helped too - thank you Matthew!

Don't fall, Caleb!


Ok, funny story here - an individual threw a frisbee
on top of the barn, so another individual had an idea
to throw another frisbee to get the first one down!
Well, that didn't work...we then got a ladder and I (Lydia)
got on the ladder and tried getting both
of the frisbees down with the help of a rake.
That didn't work either! It then started raining and we had to come in.
The guys came out later and got it down for us.

We had fun at meals together

During the week, the folks who were not at String Camp went to an event for Tom McMillin.
David Barton, who is a famous author and an expert in historical
and constitutional issues, was the speaker.

He is such a great speaker!

Talking about the Bill of Rights

He's a Texas cowboy for sure!

We had such a fun time with the Beckmans and we thank God for making us friends!
{Thanks, Cousin Sue!}

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  1. Had such an awesome time!! Can't wait for our next visit!!
    (You may notice I'm not anonymous anymore :) ��