Monday, August 18, 2014

Caleb's Birthday!

Today is Caleb's 16th birthday!

16 fun and interesting facts about Caleb:
1. His nickname is Caus
2. He loves any motorized vehicle
3. Was the smallest baby out of us 10 kids at 6 lbs. 15 oz. :)
4. At age 8, he said regarding his survival kit, "Joseph and I are both ready to get lost!"
5. When he was age 5, he called a cordless drill a "powerless drill"
6. Works at a farm every Tuesday afternoon
7. At age 6, he said, "What is tofu? Is it food for your toes?"
8. Loves to practice on his hunting bow when he's not busy
9. When he was 7 years old, he said the vision test was easy because 
he had the whole alphabet memorized!
10. He would like to be an auto mechanic someday
11. When he was 7, he asked, "What does it mean to through ugly clean the bathroom?"
12. When we lose something, we ask Caleb to find it and he usually does!
13. At age 8 he was sure our neighbors were playing horseshoes and hand grenades!
14. His middle name is the same as his Grandpa's middle name - Frederick
15. Is the resident lawn mower of the family
16. In just a little while, he can be talking with someone as if they've been friends for a long time :)

We love you Caleb and are thankful that God put you in our family!
Please leave a comment and wish Caleb a Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy 16 Caleb!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    The Beckmans

  2. Happy Birthday, Caleb! Enjoyed the fun facts :)