Thursday, August 14, 2014

Liebster award!

So, we got a blog award! How did this happen?
We were awarded the Liebster award by Bethany Strang! Thank you so much Bethany!

The Liebster Award exists to help bloggers get to know each other and spread the word about your blog and the blogs you love!

Here are the rules:

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you. 
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created. 
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition. 
Write 11 questions for them to answer.
Notify them they've been nominated.

So, here are the 11 questions Bethany gave us
(we had one person from the family answer one question each):

1. Besides family, who do you admire and why?
Lydia: Matt and Christy Taylor - their love for God shines through
the songs they sing and their CD's are AMAZING!!

2. Awkward moment?
Mary: I had to lip sink the words to a high part on a song that we as a family were singing :)

3. How do you plan to impact the future for Christ?
Melody: By God's grace, here are three ways I want to impact the future for Christ:

I want to invest in the spiritual lives of others - encouraging friends in their walk with the Lord, witnessing to the lost.

I want to show others the power of Scripture memory - When God's word is deeply rooted in your mind, you literally breathe Scripture. It automatically comes to mind in whatever situation you find yourself, and it is the powerful sword of the Spirit that cuts through our sin and shapes us into Christ's image.

I want to teach about the influence of music by word and example - The lyrics of our hymnody can shape our view of God, and I am passionate about promoting a biblical view of God in my own music. Also, the music itself can literally change culture as it has in America, so I want to teach my music students and those who hear us play, that music has meaning; it can be used for good and evil.

4. What makes you laugh?
Rebecca: Joseph and his humor :)

5. What do you love about your best friend?
Joseph: They are Christian young men and are fun to talk to!

6. What is something you want to do someday?
Caleb: Be an auto mechanic

7. Is there something that you would have never dreamed of doing, yet you are doing today?
Pat and Lorie: Being parents of 10 children :) We love it!

8. What is your favorite state and why?
Jonathan: Michigan is my favorite state because we have a wide range of weather, warm in the summer, and decent snowfall in the winter. My least favorite season is construction :) Also, other great advantages to living in Michigan: it doesn't get hurricanes, mud slides, major droughts (excluding the Detroit Lions) or tidal waves.

9. When I say exciting moment, what comes to mind?
Anna: Laughing with my family and just being together (I'm thankful - God is good). A resolution in a musical piece that just gives you that feeling (often the ending or the recap, for all you musical people:). Impacting lives for Christ and seeing them follow Him. Thinking of Annie's Macaroni for lunch (aahhhh!!!!). A thousand other things that I can't think of right now. I-could-fly-over-skyscrapers moments, such as light bulb moments during my time with God, when I had a really good music lesson and am ready to attack my practice time, or receiving the exact encouragement I needed to take the next step in faith.

10. Do you love what you do?
Grace: Yes! The Lord has richly blessed. I am privileged to be a daughter in my father's home, serving my family during the years I am here. The Lord has also given me the opportunity to minister through music in several different areas - I currently teach private lessons to about 30 piano and violin students, and accompany the choirs at our church's school. Something else I absolutely love that the Lord has given me to do is to direct the Orion Chamber Music Society String Camp every summer, as well as to coordinate the Michigan Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Festival every winter. I love where the Lord has me right now!

11. What are some goals you hope to accomplish?
Julia: Learn to swim and be a mother!

Here are the 11 blogs that we are awarding!

Beckman family:
Grove family:
Huron family:
Kwon family:
Krahn family:
Marshall family:
Mueller family:
Neely family:
Staddon family:
Strang family:
Sauve family:

Congrats to all of you!

And here are our questions:

1. Who has God used in your life and why?
2. What's your family's favorite food?
3. What is your family's ethnic background?
4. How many states has your family visited?
5. Where did your parents first meet?
6. What is your family's favorite book (besides the Bible) and why?
7. How has God been working in your family recently?
8. What is your parents' salvation testimony?
9. What is the age range between the oldest and the youngest child
in your family and how old was your mom for each?
10. How has God used trials in your family's life to bring you closer to Him?
11. What is your family's favorite verse and why?

We had a lot of fun doing this Bethany! Thanks again!


  1. Thank you! We'll get working on the questions as soon as we can!

  2. Great answers, Mieczkowskis! :) Thanks for participating!