Wednesday, August 20, 2014

May - August catch-up post

Somehow these pics never got posted, so here are some random pics from the past 3 months!

We bought a 20' trailer and it has helped immensely with getting wood!

Opening the Bible Bee materials box! 

The Local competition is right around the corner (we'll be posting about that soon!).

Rebecca and Daniel at Fellowship Bible Church in Ann Arbor

The guys went to a Tigers game with Grandpa! Unfortunately, they lost :(

 We had a birthday party for Mary and Anna to celebrate their birthdays!

Mary loves getting books (she's a bookworm for sure!).

Anna received a new bike! It was a big surprise!

Yeah, we have a little clean up to do :)

Pastor and Mrs. Harding were able to come to our house for an evening!

For a party, we had 6 watermelon - we ate almost all of them!

We had some gravel dumped on our driveway to help fill the potholes.

For those of you who have driven up our driveway, you know it was really bad.
Now it is so much better! 

James was so tired after a fun week :)

When we were at Sforzando, Joseph worked on all of our broken cars.

He got really dirty! :)

We had a blast with the Alessios and Mellases!

The little pink girl :-)

We are just starting to harvest our beans and they are going wild!

On a recent Saturday, we had a wood day and split and stacked wood for the whole afternoon!

The wood area

Melody drying garlic - Grandpa B's worst nightmare!

This log was a huge log...

...but Joseph got it split!

A tree just toppled over!

Taking away the brush

We girls helped out too!

Mia, Julia, Bella, and Rebecca had a fun time together!

The girls made a "tree fort" in our front yard :) 

Our cousin Emma came over for an afternoon and we had a blast with her!

Playing "house"

She even brought her bike!

Thanks for coming over Emma!

We thought of some friends when Mom bought this :)

Jon got to hear Ted Cruz speak in Michigan!

Jon and Ted

Whew! I think we are officially caught up now!

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