Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mom's Birthday!

Today we are celebrating Mom's 46th birthday!

46 fun and interesting facts about Mom:

1. She is very optimistic
2. Is the baby of her family
3. She kissed a frog :)
4. Was called "Little Lorie" by her cousins
5. Is the manager of the Heritage String Quartet
6. Dislikes mice
7. Plays piano for our evening service
8. Tutored math students through college
9. Loves teacups
10. She reached Advanced Polliwogs in swimming lessons
11. Hit two deer with the van within a few months
12. Hates seafood, doughnuts and goat's milk
13. Always has her planner in her hand
14. She has High Gag Reflex, which makes pill-taking very interesting
15. Met Dad when she was 15 going on 16
16. Had blond hair when she was a young girl
17. Loves going to Bed and Breakfasts with Pat
18. She is rarely flustered
19. Started piano lessons at age 6
20. Master editor of grammar
21. Plays piano for our church's ladies ensemble
22. She has a Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy with a Minor in Math
23. Taught piano lessons for several years (in high school, college,
and early years of marriage and children)
24. Salutatorian of her high school class
25. Absolutely loves chocolate
26. She never misses an opportunity to promote family businesses
27. Tries to find opportunities to witness to people
28. Is very frugal and never misses an opportunity for bargaining
29. LOVES Kroger, especially the gas points (she has saved thousands of dollars so far!)
30. Loves lilacs and hyacinths
31. Is a true people person
32. She treasures our time as a family
33. Loves to see people she knows (or thinks she knows) when she is out
34. Walks up to total strangers and says, "I know you!"
35. Homecoming queen at her Christian high school
36. She has had 10 natural births and 10 children in heaven
37. Loves to encourage pregnant mothers and mothers with young children
38. Gave her mother angst when she was learning how to drive
39. Loves to eat prime rib when out to eat
40. Laughs at her own jokes
41. She is a very punny individual
42. She had straight hair until she had Joseph
43. Loves coming to the Barn
44. Her favorite doll was Baby with the Suntan
45. Broke her thumb as a senior in college - played a left-hand only piece for
one of her senior recital pieces
46. Her favorite hymns are Blessed Assurance and Great is Thy Faithfulness

Mom, you are such a blessing to our family and we thank the Lord for giving us a wonderful mother!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mieczkowski!
    May God continue to bless you!

  2. Happy birthday, Lorie! So glad you could spend it at "The Barn" with your family!
    Love in Christ,
    Lisa for all the Beckmans

  3. Happy birthday!! We have a lot in common, although you won't find me teaching any collage math or playing piano ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs. Mieczkowski! Gods blessings and much love from the Palazzolo's❤️