Tuesday, August 5, 2014

OCMS String Camp 2014

A couple of weeks ago, Orion Chamber Music Society String Camp was held in Lake Orion! This has been the best attendance yet with over 100 students! Grace did a wonderful job again this year and Mr. Holliday has officially named her the "Director of OCMS String Camp" :)


The lineup

The most important part of String Camp...shirts!

The directors have a pow wow

"What is the matter?"

This little guy did a great job in Alpha!

It was a blast having the B. family there again!

Monday morning devotionals

The 3 solemn Beckmans

Mr. Robertson, as always, was a great conductor


Grace's tools

Mrs. Herwalt also did a wonderful job with the Beta kids!

Julia and Helena liked to have the same hairdos every day :)

Which one is which? (they could almost be mistaken for twins!)

The Beckman/Mieczkowski group that attended String Camp

We fit 12 passengers (including the driver and passenger seat),
2 basses
3 cellos
2 violas
and 6 violins in a 15 passenger van!

Ruth - so special she could come up with her brothers!
Wish Esther could have come too :(

Mary and Elizabeth had a great time being in the
same stand for combined rehearsals!

The 3 solemn bassists

We had an amazing viola section this year,
one of whom was Allison


Hope was such a cutie!

Our mighty cello section

Helena enjoyed herself very much!

Benjamin is focused

Eric - what is he smiling about?!

Daniel filled in on our non-string parts :)

The "7th inning stretch"

Mr. Holliday can get really goofy at times :)

Matthew was a great bass mentor for Mallory

Selah is an amazing 6 year old violinist

This was Julia's first year attending Camp!

Oh no, are we in trouble?!?!?!?

Not quite :)


Elizabeth and Mr. H

Anna and Mrs. B.

Nathan and Daniel

We had a lot of fun with these girls!

Be careful, Daniel!

Annika and Lauren

Ruth and Madeleine

Helena and Mr. H - great smilers!

We did have some timpani on one piece!

Who is that?!?!?

Goofy Anna

Mary was privileged to sit 1st chair cello in her group!

I have no idea what was going on here...

Bows in the air

Mr. H and Matthew

Three lovely ladies

When String Camp is finished for the day, everybody races to get out of the door :)

Micah and Selah = 2 cute kids

We had the quartet concert on Friday evening and then the orchestra concert.

In action

Grace giving directions

Lucy did an excellent job sitting 1st chair

Mr. H always gives a speech about Grace :)

It has been a privilege to work together...

We were so glad that we could still fit all 80 + students (all but Alpha) on the stage!

We had 60 new students who had never attended
String Camp before this year - one of whom got engaged the next day!!
Congratulations Victoria (and Daniel, of course!).

Come on 1sts, give me more!

The final piece - "When I Survey" - it was very moving having Mr. Holliday conduct

The concert is finished!

Thank you for bearing with us!

Wanna buy a great DVD?

Ok, all together now...

 OCMS String Camp 2014

If you would like to see more pictures from String Camp, you can go here!

Since this is probably Mr. Holliday's last year at OCMS String Camp, we put together a short video 
celebrating his dedication and service to all the lives he has touched.

The goal of the Orion Chamber Music Society String Camp is to provide an opportunity for young people to be challenged to improve their musical skills for God’s glory. It is the desire of OCMS that participants in String Camp would be equipped for ministry both in the local church and community. 

We pray that this goal has been furthered through this year's OCMS String Camp!
To God be the glory, great things He hath done!


  1. Thanks for a great OCMS post! Being with y'all and learning from Mr. Holliday are some of the things I miss about Michigan :) So very grateful for his work & heart of love to the Lord and those around him!

  2. You all have the neatest music events in your area:) I always wish we could live closer:)