Friday, August 15, 2014


Our friend, Carrie Thompson, recently published her new book, Unremembered.

Here is the description of Carrie's book:

In a time when everybody has a pressure on their mind, who will think for those whose thoughts are full? When each and every person is totally absorbed in their own joys and trials, who will hope for those whose hopes are withered? When time is expensive and nobody has any extra, who will live for those whose lives are stretched? When pain and sorrow are mixed with joy and love, who will feel for those whose feelings are spent? When workloads increase and get harder, who will serve those whose service has passed? When memories are high and much is forgotten, who will remember the Unremembered?

Carrie Thompson is one of ten children living on a farm in the country. Currently a freshman in college, she enjoys reading, writing, speaking, and law. Her passions include working with the disabled, the elderly, those with special needs, and children. After finishings her BA degree, she plans to go to law school. 

We encourage you to support Carrie by going and buying this book right here!

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