Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014 Barn Trip - Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, we went on vacation
to our grandparents' cottage (the Barn) in
upstate NY right on Lake Ontario!

Rebecca helped with shucking corn

We had a lot of fun with the Hofmann kids!

These chocolate chips were a great favorite :)

Now that's a lot of corn!

The line-up

When we go on vacation, Grandpa always has some work for the guys to do :)
Here they are rolling a log on the bank to help delay erosion
The sunsets are gorgeous

I love the swing!

The guys helped Grandpa fix his tractor!

Caleb seemed pretty happy

Mary, the goofball

You may remember our cousin was working on building a house to be at the Lake year round,
and here is the beautiful finished product!

Who are these girls?

Sammy is so cute! He reminds us of Joseph when he was a baby!

Emily with her doll :)

We have a tradition of going to the Four C's restaurant (a marina cafe)
and the food is wonderful every time we go!

One side of the table...

...and the other!

They even carried Frank's Hot Sauce, from which Joseph
 removes the cap to use :)

Get it?!?

The guys loved this boat!

What is happening?

Oh no! Not that!


Dredging the creek entrance

This is so exciting!

The girls' "Lakeshore Store"

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from our trip!

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  1. Love the one of Joe... Hot Sauce! That's the guy I know! :)