Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 Barn Trip - Part 3

Continued fun times at the Barn...

This is the way we get dry after swimming :) Notice the shade on (most of) our heads!

Every year, we do a little concert for our friends and cousins that are up at the Barn.

A quick family picture before the concert

Rebecca's violin solo was excellent!

Lila loved to hold the bow to try and play :)

We played a hilarious game of "Catch Phrase" late Saturday night with some cousins.
Cousin Dave and Grandpa were on the same team!

Finding out who the National Bible Bee qualifiers were; none of us
Mieczkowskis made it, so we will not be going this year :( We are very happy
for several of our friends who are going!!

Very early Saturday morning, our dear friends the Alessios from Michigan arrived at the Barn!

Audrey and Rebecca having fun

Kayaking was a big highlight!

Mrs. Alessio and Mom enjoyed their time together

Grandpa B. and Rebecca


Relaxing on the raft... 

The 3 younger girls got to go kayaking with Jon


Rebecca did an amazing job kayaking!

The whole bunch

We had a cake for Jon, Melody, and Mom since we
celebrated their birthdays while we were up there!

Happy Birthday!

We closed the evening with setting off 4 luminaries; it was really neat!

On Sunday, we went to the Learys' church and shared some music with their church family.

We grabbed a quick pic of all the kids before we left

Grace and Audrey

Playing "Signs"

Melody's 20th birthday was on Sunday, so we sang "Happy Birthday" to her!

We had so much fun with y'all; can't wait until next time!

The guys love taking the boat out

An amazing testimony of God's creation

The girls loved playing with Lila!

Stay tuned for our last post about our vacation!

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  1. I hate to be biased, but this is my favorite of the "Barn" posts thus far :). We had so much fun you all!!