Saturday, September 27, 2014

Julia's Birthday!

Today is somebody special's birthday... Julia, who turned a decade old!

10 fun and interesting facts about Julia:

1. She is a very outgoing person
2. Called spearmint tea "experiment tea" when she was 6 years old
3. Was the biggest baby out of all of us kids (9 lbs. 13 oz.)
4. Is a little philosopher
5. At age 7 she said that turkeys are roasting in the trees
6. Is a daredevil
7. Julia is the spitting image of Jon when he was younger
8. She said recently that birth was very painful for her because she cried at the end :)
9. Is very tech-savvy
10. When asked at age 4, "How do little girls grow?" she replied, "They have birthdays!"

We love you, Julia, and may God richly bless you with many more years to serve Him!


  1. Glad we could be there on the day you reached double digits!
    Happy Birthday!
    The Beckmans

  2. Happy Birthday, Julia!

  3. Happy birthday, Julia! We hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  4. This is Julia -
    Thank you all for your kind wishes!