Monday, September 1, 2014

Melody's Birthday!

Yesterday was Melody's 20th birthday!

20 fun and interesting facts about Melody:

1. Favorite hymn is "Jesus I am Resting"
2. She loves to work in the garden
3. Loves to cook healthy dinners every day
4. Is a great cellist and pianist
5. Loves to be an encouragement to others
6. Was a finalist in the National Bible Bee
7. Came home the same day she was born
8. Had pretend friends Ti Ti and Gra Gra when she was younger
9. Received a Family Herbalist certificate last year
10. Has taken Suzuki cello and piano teacher training
11. Sleeps in a king-sized bed with Julia on one side and Mary on the other
12. Is an amazing singer
13. She took the Moot Court track at SSI for three years in a row!
14. Her name means "Joyful One"
15. Loves to read
16. Is a cello teacher
17. Enjoys kayaking
18. She used to sing in her crib when she was younger
19. Loves to sing while playing cello in church
20. Her favorite Bible verses are Isaiah 41:10 and Psalm 63:1

Melody, we love you and are excited to see what God has for you in the future!
Feel free to send Melody a birthday greeting!


  1. Happy Birthday, Melody! It was great to spend part of the day with you :). Loved reading these interesting facts too!! Blessings!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Melody! I hope your day was wonderful. :) Thanks for your example of living for the Lord!

  3. Enjoys kayaking... Didn't know that one! Hope you had a good one Melody!