Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mieczkowski Trivia

Some of us had the idea to do a Mieczkowski Trivia post and so here are the rules:
1. Obey all rules!
2. Please do not browse this blog (or the internet, for that matter),
to find the answers to these questions, just use your own brain power!

Ok, so here are 5 questions for y'all to answer!

What was Mrs. Mieczkowski's maiden name?
What is the age range of the Mieczkowski kids?
How long has this blog been around?
Which Mieczkowski has never been a Guess Who?
What is the Mieczkowskis' favorite sport?

The answers will be released next Saturday.
Also, I'm very excited to say that this is our 700th blog post! Thank you for all of your support!


  1. The age range of the kids?I am guessing from 23 to 7.

  2. Okay, I'm going to give this my best shot!!
    1. I have absolutely no I'm just going to go with Smith :).
    2. 24 to 7
    3. I'm guessing this blog has been around for six years
    4. Ummm I'll guess Grace....
    5. Baseball :).

    I did NOT look at the blog for any answers...not even at the side bar to see the archive list :).

    Congrats on your 700th post!! Thanks for all the fun updates you've shared and for this quiz...looking forward to seeing the results :).


  3. 1. Birchard
    2. 7 to 23
    3. I think six years
    4. I know it's either Mr. Mieczkowski or Grace...... I'll guess Mr. Mieczkowski
    5. ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! ����

  4. Well I guess I don't now the answers to most of these questions but I'll try:)

    1. No idea:)
    2. Age range is 24-8 I'm guessing:).
    3. 8 years?
    4. Mr. M, or the youngest girl(I'm sorry I can't remember her name:)
    5. I'm guessing your favorite sport is baseball, cause I remember seeing you all watching baseball games:)

    I guess I don't know you all well enough to be qualified to answer most of these:) sorry!

  5. Sorry I didn't answer all the questions,but I really have no idea.

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  7. Bertrard
    5 years
    MR. M

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