Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OCMS Solo and Ensemble Concert

Last Friday, we held an OCMS Solo and Ensemble Concert
 at First Baptist Church of Lake Orion.

Some of the Mieczkowskis and Alessios played a Brahms sextet and it was beautiful!
Notice one of each family on each instrument!

The Alessio trio - they played the String Trio in A Major,
Mov. 1 by Jean Crasse - well done!
OCMS commissioned Dr. Seth Custer of Bob Jones University to arrange
one of Mr. Holliday's favorite hymns, "I Shall Know Him". It was a big surprise -
secret rehearsals and all! Here is a video of the performance. You will be blessed!
Listen for the sparkles of heaven and the angels singing...

Dr. Custer (the composer) and Mr. Brier (the conductor)

Just after we performed "I Shall Know Him"

Mr. Holliday giving a speech on how amazing Dr. Custer is :)

We were so glad when we heard that some of the
Beckmans could come to the concert!
Matthew joined our bass section and he helped a lot!

Joseph and Matthew getting their traditional picture

Dr. Custer and Mr. Holliday

Dr. Custer and his sister, Emily

It was a wonderful evening of glorifying God through music
and we especially thank God for Mr. Holliday's ministry through OCMS!

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