Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekend Projects

This past weekend, we had a garage sale and did some more work on our wood for the winter.
Here are pics from the activities...

Emily made signs for us - thank you, Emily!

The guys got everything outside bright and early :)

Anybody want a snowmobile?

We girls had a good amount of business with our crocheted items!

While we ladies were taking care of the garage sale,
the guys worked on splitting and stacking wood. We were glad
to have Matthew's help!

Dad always has his chainsaw on hand :)

Also, a big thank you to Mr. D. and James for helping with wood too!

Dad had to do some work inside the boiler this week
and got really dirty at the same time!

Watch out! This really puts you in the hot seat!

Caleb has been working faithfully on a chicken coop because we are in
the process of getting chickens from some friends.

We girls helped him move it out of the garage. It was hilarious!

It was a busy but productive weekend!

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