Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Activities

This past week, we had a few activities going on,
so I'm here to share a couple of pics with y'all!

Canning applesauce was first on the list...

Washing the apples

Rebecca did an excellent job :)

Somebody's sneaking into the apple peels...

In the end, we got 9 regular quart jars!

Some of the Beckmans came on Friday morning for a short visit!

Busy in the kitchen

Playing an intense game of foosball

What did I do that for?!?

Mark enjoying a game of Dutch Blitz with the girls


Matthew also helped with splitting lots of wood...thanks for your help Matthew!

On Sunday afternoon, we had a birthday party for Grandma B. and yours truly (Lydia)!

"Now Fred, this is my chocolate bar!" :)

A firstborn cousin pic - Jon and Danielle

Grandma received a nice journal as one of her gifts

Gideon is quite the videographer!

A cute sign that Grandma received, as she loves to sew :)

Something's funny...

What's in here?

A beautiful scarf!

"Happy Birthday to you!"

We've enjoyed these special memories that we have made
and are now launching into a very busy week!
Stay tuned for more...

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  1. Your face in that last pic is the picture of joy and excitement :)