Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#7 turns 15!

(Thus begins one of the only posts in a long time of which Lydia is not the author...and y'all get to guess who compiled this :)

1. Favorites:
Musical work: Requiem For The Living (Dan Forrest)
Food - chicken squish (inside joke)
Colors - pink, turquoise, brown
Hymn - Constrained By Christ
Hobby - photography
Instrument - piano
Sport - frisbee
Scripture - Psalm 100
2. She is the bridge/mediator/exact center of the older and younger girls, and the baby of the oldest seven :)
3. When she was four, she called a tic-tac a "ticky tac"
4. Loves to make new friends, interact with them, and make gifts for them
5. Likes to whistle
6. We sold our Oak Park home shortly before she was born, 
and bought our new house (Richmond Township) when she was four days old
7. Does all the laundry in the family
8. Absolutely loves to play the piano - would do it all day if she could :)
9. When she was little, she would close one eye and do "winky blinky"
10. Keeps up on this blog!!
11. Has somewhat obtained the title of "family organizer" (psssst: call her when you do spring cleaning)
12. When she was five, she would read her "New Testimony" in the Bible
13. Does some amazing work with yarn! See the family Etsy shop here
14. She has officially become a part of the Heritage String Quartet because of Jonathan's absence and her competence (now we call it "The Girl Quartet")
 15. When she was seven, she called Jelly Bellies "Belly Jellies"

We are grateful to God for you, Lydia, and are looking forward to how the Lord will use you
as you draw closer to Him!


  1. Hey, Lydia! Happy birthday! (Sorry it's a little late!) Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Lydia!!!!!!! Hope
    you had an awesome day.