Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

On Christmas Eve, we went to Mom's parents' house 
to spend time with them and our cousins!

One of Grandpa's princesses :)

Rebecca was very anxious to open her present!


Notice anything wrong with this picture?!?

A quick adjustment :)

Like father, like son

We had quite a few stockings!

You're trapped Gideon!

Typical Josiah

It's tradition that Grandpa hangs candy canes on
the tree and then we each take one home.

Joseph has his lap full!

Matching sisters

Notice anything strange with this happy birthday Jesus candle?!?

The firstborns - Danielle and Jon (with a semi-photo bomber)

Having fun with Josiah!

The line for dessert

We had a wonderful time with our family celebrating Jesus' birth!

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  1. Grandpas & candy for grandkids are a special combination :)