Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mieczkowski Trivia December 2014

The Mieczkowski Trivia will be coming once a month and you can
answer as few or as many questions that we put up on the blog.

The rules:

1. Obey all rules!
2. Please do not browse this blog (or the internet, for that matter),
to find the answers to these questions, just use your own brain power!

1. How many Mieczkowskis currently have steady employment?

2. Eye color of everyone...?

3. How many cameras do the Mieczkowskis have at the present?

4. Where did Mr. and Mrs. Mieczkowski first meet?

5. How many Mieczkowski birthdays are in October?

Submit your answers and find out if you were right next Saturday!

*Would you like to help contribute to these trivia posts?
Comment below and ask a question about the Mieczkowskis and we might put it in the next trivia post!


  1. #1. Mr. Mieczkowski, Jon, Grace, Joe. Does the string quartet and Anna playing harp count?
    #2. Joe, Rebecca, and Julia have brown eyes.
    #4. Mackinac City/Island

  2. 1. 3
    2. Joe and Buk have brown, I'll just random guess everyone else blue, gray, green, or black.
    3. 4
    4. Mackinac island
    5. 1