Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November wrap-up post

A lot went on this past month...of course, we could say that about every month :)

Earlier in November, we had the privilege of having the BJU Concert choir at our church,
so we housed 7 of the singers and staff!
Playing Dutch Blitz into the wee hours of the morning :)

DaRin and Rebecca became fast friends :) 

"Spot It" was a big hit! It's harder than it looks!

Rebecca and Lydia having some sister time :)

We replaced the door that goes out to the garage; a before picture...

Taking the old frame out

...and after! The new door has helped so much! No more fumes and cold!

Silly Buk

Joseph recently started a new job clearing snow; he's the yellow blob in the pic :) 

He also gets to drive this awesome truck!

Most of you already know that Mr. and Mrs. Holliday moved down
South recently, so we got pictures with them before they moved.

The parents

We love you Mr. and Mrs. Holliday!

A fellow harpist :)

Grace was able to attend a concert where her former teachers played together! 

On a recent girls' shopping trip; we got a little goofy :)

Notice Grace is the only "normal" one!

What can I say? We are pretty crazy!

We rented a splitter and were able to split large pieces of our wood. Thanks, Matthew!

You see, we have a longgg way to go until our yard is clear...

The guys had to do some repair on one of the quads

Working on another vehicle...

Some of the kids were able to go and help Dad's parents with Christmas decorating!

Putting on the ornaments...

Playing Grandma's favorite game, Scrabble

The girls were very exhausted by the end of the day...

Melody got to practice parallel parking and only knocked down one cone!

We helped decorate our grandparents' 12' artificial tree

Caleb putting on the garland

Jon's job is putting on the lights

The finished product!

And that's a wrap, folks!

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  1. I've had the pleasure of practicing parallel parking recently as well! Have fun Mel!
    And don't thank me! the pleasure is all yours.