Friday, December 12, 2014

OCMS Orchestra Concert

A couple of weeks ago, we played in the last OCMS concert with Mr. Holliday here in MI.

Mr. Holliday has always been a people person
and has influenced so many different people!

Something's interesting...

Tip: Never forget to organize your music before a concert!

Grace performed Grande Tarentelle Op. 67 by Gottschalk - a fabulous piece
and a wonderful individual to play it!

Giving a little speech...

Melody leading the cello section

Pastor Ben Klaus, our new director

It was pretty different to see Mr. Holliday in the crowd
instead of on stage and conducting. He really enjoyed listening!

Anna played Greensleeves with the orchestra and it was beautiful!

Performing Bugler's Holiday by Leroy Anderson

The buglers did a fantastic job!

Pastor Steve gave a short speech on how Mr. Holliday
influenced him and how special he is.

Rebecca with her new friends

Saying goodbye.... :(

A beautiful picture of Grace and Audrey

Passing the baton on to the next director, Pastor Ben Klaus
Mr. Holliday will definitely be missed by so many, but we know this is 
God's leading in his and Mrs. Holliday's future.

{thank you to Evan T. for taking most of these pictures!}

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