Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun with friends in TN...part 2

Most of us had never been bowling before, so we decided to have some fun!

On the way to bowling!

We took up 4 lanes with everyone :)

Taking a rest...

The younger kids did really well!

Now that's a lot of bowling shoes! How fashionable!

The whole group

Pals - Lydia and Lina

That was a serious photobombing pic :)

Enjoying some good conversation...

All 17 of us kids

And of course, we had to do a goofy pic :)

David and Caleb

A beautiful sunset...

More repair work on the go-kart...

Grace finishing her favorite book before our visit was over :)

The guys

All 21 of us fit at their wonderful table!

A lot of pizza to feed a lot of people :)

Some delicious popcorn

Diego and Rebecca became fast friends :)

Having a blast!

Lots of our time was spent in playing ping-pong...

We so enjoyed meeting you, Diego and Anto!

A game of Uno

Having a wonderful time being together!

Getting ready to leave

Saying some early morning goodbyes...

Rebecca tried to eat her breakfast while sleeping at the
same time - it was pretty hilarious :)


We stopped on the way home in OH to visit with a friend at Subway!

Rebecca and Emily

We had a blast with the Pals and are so thankful for their friendship in the Lord!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fun with friends in TN...

Two weeks ago, we took a short weekend trip down to TN to visit our dear friends, the Palazzolos!

The day before we left, we had a number of frozen pipes down in our 
basement, and it took 15 hours of work to fix it all.
Thanks to the guys (and ultimately to the Lord),
we were able to leave early the next morning as planned!

This is what we do in the car on trips :)

In Kentucky, there was this beautiful sight!

We're finally here!!

An intense game of Spot It

Two beautiful girls - Adelina and Mary

An LCD screen - let me see!!

Goofy people :)

Benjamin and Julia had fun playing checkers together

We girls took a walk out in the forest!

The weather was so wonderful - it was in the 50's and
60's the whole time we were down there!

The 5 younger ladies - Anna, Rebecca, Julia, Mary, and Adelina

Trying to climb up a fallen tree...

Lydia and Anna

Lydia captured this pic!

Benjamin is all adventure!

While we girls were taking a walk, the guys worked on some
vehicles that needed repair.

How many Mieczkowskis and Palazzolos do you need to fix a bearing on a van?!?

Friday night, we had a bonfire...

Funny story here - we were playing Ultimate Frisbee and some of the kids
decided to take off their coats and put them on the ground. So, the neighbor's
dog came over, spotted the coats, picked up David's jacket and started
running away! All of us ran (and screamed) & scared the dog so much that it
dropped the coat immediately and bounded away :) Of course, it was a little
disconcerting that the dog had just been running around with a deer bone!

The guys had some fun with the dirt bike and...

...the truck!

Ben on the go-kart :)

The kitchen was very busy the whole time we were there :)
A huge thank you to the kitchen crew, especially Mrs. Palazzolo!

Rebecca helping Olivia mix brownie bait!

A delicious dinner ready to be eaten...

Watching home videos from our times together as little kids :)

A game of horseshoes - notice where the horseshoe is?!?

The pink girls - Lina and Julia

This was our first time seeing the Pal's new home! We are so grateful
for this answer to prayer!

Another post about our time at the Pal's will be coming soon!