Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

If you went upstairs, you would see this sign outside of Girls' Guest.

Ready for Christmas Day!

Mom and Dad gave each of us Of Plymouth Plantation

Rebecca got clothes from her fashion consultants :)

When you can't find any wrapping paper, just use newspaper!

Decorations that Mary really can use...

This is definitely a keeper!

Caleb and Rebecca enjoying themselves

Anna received a very interesting wrapped box :)

Joseph really enjoyed getting hot sauce!

Doll clothes were given to the younger girls and they love them!

There is always a treasure hunt each year to find your gift
for at least one person...this time it was Melody.

You might have to look in the most interesting places,
but she finally found a bookshelf as her gift in her room!

What is it?!?!?

...a very lovely picture frame for us girls!

So many gifts!!!

This was going to be for our driveway :)

The living room always ends up being a mess!

Lots of boxes for the burn pile

Cinnamon rolls were made for breakfast and they may have been a little too big :)

Our traditional Christmas pajama pictures were taken on the couch...

...and the stairs!

Goofy pics are a blast!

In the afternoon, we went to Grandpa and Grandma Mieczkowski's house.

The girls' table

Someone was a little tired...

Rebecca had a huge bag full of fun things :)

Lexie showing her gift to everybody :)

Mary was very excited to get a new watch!

Lexie, our adorable cousin, with Grandma

The red ladies - Lydia and Grandma!

Grandpa got a huge box for Christmas... was a shop vacuum!

The girls playing with their new gifts

The cello buddies - Mary and Melody

One of the various ornaments on Grandpa and Grandma's tree...

We had fun playing many rounds of Dutch Blitz :)

Someone needed surgery...I think it was successful :)

Playing Trouble...

All 13 grandkids with Grandpa and Grandma Mieczkowski


We had a wonderful time being together and rejoicing that Jesus came to earth!

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