Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun with friends in TN...part 2

Most of us had never been bowling before, so we decided to have some fun!

On the way to bowling!

We took up 4 lanes with everyone :)

Taking a rest...

The younger kids did really well!

Now that's a lot of bowling shoes! How fashionable!

The whole group

Pals - Lydia and Lina

That was a serious photobombing pic :)

Enjoying some good conversation...

All 17 of us kids

And of course, we had to do a goofy pic :)

David and Caleb

A beautiful sunset...

More repair work on the go-kart...

Grace finishing her favorite book before our visit was over :)

The guys

All 21 of us fit at their wonderful table!

A lot of pizza to feed a lot of people :)

Some delicious popcorn

Diego and Rebecca became fast friends :)

Having a blast!

Lots of our time was spent in playing ping-pong...

We so enjoyed meeting you, Diego and Anto!

A game of Uno

Having a wonderful time being together!

Getting ready to leave

Saying some early morning goodbyes...

Rebecca tried to eat her breakfast while sleeping at the
same time - it was pretty hilarious :)


We stopped on the way home in OH to visit with a friend at Subway!

Rebecca and Emily

We had a blast with the Pals and are so thankful for their friendship in the Lord!

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