Monday, January 12, 2015

Inside activities at the Beckmans...

We didn't only play outside when we went to the Beckmans, 
but we did some inside activities in between snow play.

Organized chaos :)

The violin buddies - Julia and Helena

The cello girls

These cookies were soo good!

Rebecca's middle name was even on the wall!

Playing Clue

Notice anything in common between these two?!?

The younger kids enjoyed using their walkie talkies around the house :)

An intense game of Kingdoms

Benjamin and I (Lydia) were trying to figure out the last name...we lost :(

We played many rounds of Round Robin!

Lots of people = lots of cups :)

Since we forgot the air pump...

Grace and Helena having a good time...

...playing Phase 10!

The matching sisters :)

Jenga was a smashing hit!

Helena and Julia were attached from the time we got there 'til we left :)

Joseph, Matthew, Caleb and Jon

Is age order better...

...than height order?

This is going across the Mackinac Bridge going back home :(

We had such a wonderful time fellowshipping with Christian friends!
Can't wait until next time, Beckmans!!

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