Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow fun in the U.P.!

The week after Christmas, we went to the U.P. to visit our friends, the Beckmans!

Somebody was a little excited :)

Before we went to the Beckmans, we stopped at a Houghton Lake Baptist Church to play music for the morning service and to visit with our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin!

Julia and Rebecca with Tessa

All of the kids with Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin!

We took 3 snowmobiles up to the U.P.! Always interesting
 to go to church with this setup!

We went to Subway for lunch and spent a couple of hours catching up with the Goodwins!

Mr. Goodwin always has a tongue twister to share :)

Rebecca and Mrs. Goodwin had a great time getting to know each other better!

Next stop: the Beckmans!

Going across the Mackinac bridge!

When we crossed the bridge, the toll booth attendant called Dad "Reverend"!
Maybe the suit??

The next day, we started the snow fun!

Putting the helmets on...

The lineup

James is ready for anything!

Mary and Benjamin having fun throwing snowballs :)

Rebecca getting ready to go on a tube ride!

There were many snowball fights...

...and lots of snowmobile rides!

Matthew and Caleb

The dads of our fun families :)

"Lean, Matthew!"

Taking a sister ride :)

The saucers were a huge hit!

Grace taking a spin on one of the 3 snowmobiles!

The older girls even took some saucer rides!

Joseph got quite snowed out :)

There was about a foot of snow when we first got there, and overnight, we got
a couple of more inches! Great for the snowmobile tracks!!

A fresh blanket of snow

There was some repair that had to be done... 

...and it's back in business!!

Mom's ready to speed off onto the snowmobile trail!!

A friend edited the picture to make it look a little more real :)

Matthew taking Helena for a ride!

An amazing flip by Joseph :)

You would only see this in the U.P. We didn't have a snowflake in our town in the L.P.!

The younger kids took many saucer rides and kept Jon very busy driving them :)

We had such a blast playing in the snow!

Stay tuned for another post about our time with the Beckmans!

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  1. Sounds like a super fun adventure! The edited picture of your mom flying through the snow is pretty epic, too. :) Blessings to the Mieczkowski family!