Monday, March 2, 2015

February wrap-up post

February was a busy month...

A dear family recently had their 9th child (all by C-sections!)
- dear Hadassah is a little doll!

Organizing this room has been on our list for a very long time...


Thanks to Grace and Co., we now have a clean room!

Mr. S. was very brave skiing behind Jon on the snowmobile

A push-up contest between Daniel and Rebecca :) 

Rebecca enjoyed spending time with Eli

The next morning, there was a very thick covering of snow on the ground.

Caleb, plowing our driveway and parking lot...

In action...

Grace L. getting a ride on the snowmobile with Anna driving

Saucer fun!

Jon organized and was able to participate in a legislative snowmobile trip!

They started their trip in Bay Harbor

Suiting up!

This is one of the groomers for the trail - they can cost upwards of $200,000!

A coffee stop in Cheboygan

On the trail... 

Trailering the sleds across the bridge

"See you in the Spring!" 

Jon's boss Lee Chatfield getting interviewed by a local news station

Jon on his sled

Gotta love the paint job on that Cat!

One of the reps had a little mishap

A neat shot of the Michigan State Capitol that Jon took...

While some of the kids were over at a friend's
house, they saw these huge icicles!
Two pianists from Ukraine and Russia came to our church this past month
and did a fundraiser concert for Maranatha Baptist University.

They did a phenomenal job! 

It's an LCD screen - let me see!

Cute Clara

Grace warming up for an OU (Oakland University) Chamber concert

Melody and Dominic in the mighty cello section...

Grace, Nathan, and Anna intensely concentrating

Kristen and Julia

This was the month of friends coming over to have snow fun :)
Here's Sarah enjoying the snow!

Who could that be?!?

The lineup...

Even Mrs. D. went on the saucers!

Mr. and Mrs. D. enjoying a fast snowmobile ride :)

Isn't that neat?!?

The lovely matching girls - Anna and Elizabeth

On Valentine's Day, we ladies went to Grandma M's house
and had a "Wild Tea Party"!

The food was very loving too

Some cute decorations...

Mom took this picture for us :)

Ohhh, that was really good :)

The background of this picture got a little interesting...

This cake was delicious! Are you hungry yet?!?

Grandma, our wonderful hostess

The guys went to the Wild Game Banquet hosted at our church

What a crowd!

One of the many dishes that was served - Rabbit Quesadillas 

The next week, we enjoyed yet another "Wild Tea Party" with the A. ladies!

Julia captured this pic of the fruit before it got devoured :)

If you ever need to melt some butter really quickly, just put it in the sun - it works!

Audrey and Julia

A very musical dessert

Look at that!

This was the first time we made cake
pops - Mary and Julia did an excellent job!

Who would ever think that a little kid's toy would be so interesting?!?

The back-rub line

Here's a sneak peak of how hard it was to get...

...this picture! Grace and Audrey are pretty crazy around each other :)

All of the ladies

That night, we went to a concert that featured Melody's current cello teacher!
{Sorry for the blurry pic}

Talking during the intermission...

We got some very interesting eggs from our chickens
during the really cold days of February

This one was frozen, and when peeled, was a yellow color.

Bringing engine from the basement...they really "hope" it doesn't fall!

Rebecca even helped push it to the garage!

That pretty much does it for a busy February! Stay warm!

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