Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March wrap-up post

Sorry this is a little late...

The last bit of our snow (update: it's all melted and gone!)

Playing with Marbleworks

Having fun with Anna and Leah

Lois and Rebecca love to hang out together!

This is truly how you're supposed to read a book, folks :)

Lee Jr. and Jon

Katelyn, Pastor Ben's daughter, came to sit in OCMS rehearsal one day...

Which instrument are you going to play today?!?

Sharing a few singing exercises that her Grandma taught her :) 

A little snack for the trip home :)

Caleb found a new home :)

Daniel and Rebecca
"My, what big eyes you have!"

Rebecca finally reached the basketball net! (with a little help)

A great place to store your ear protection

It was a blast having the E. family over!

How many girls can you fit on a couch? 12!

Watching family videos...

Julia has taken up a new occupation - UP newspaper reading

Re-stacking wood for next winter

Standing on the top of the world...and matching too!

Sledding, anyone?

Moving our chicken coops to a different location

It was a busy but fun month! Stay posted for more action!

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