Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An introduction...

Once upon a time, there was a young man and a young lady whom God had been been at work in and through. They each had become more involved in their church and had a desire to serve Him the best they could. The Lord saw fit to put them each in the music ministry at the church their families attended. As they worked alongside one another more frequently, they became better and better friends until there was an evident camaraderie. Through this, the Lord began to lead both to asking the question of what it might look like to pursue something beyond a friendship. Through much advice received and blessing given by both parents and mentors, the Lord led us to begin such a relationship a few months ago.

I'd like you to meet Mark Cox :)

We are very excited that the Lord has brought us to where we are, and look forward to what He may hold for our future. Please pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord's wisdom and walk in accordance to His plan.


  1. Grace, congratulations on this new season of life! :) May the Lord guide yours and Mark's relationship.

  2. I'm very happy for you Grace:) I'll be praying that God continues to bless your relationship.