Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting ready for the big surprise...

We kids had thought about having a party of some sorts because it was Dad and Mom's 25th wedding anniversary this year, so we talked it over and came up with a plan! Dad and Mom went away for 6 days on May 17-23 and we had a big surprise for them when they returned :)

Here are some pics from the projects we got done throughout the week...

Eating a late Sunday night snack...

We finally were able to clean up the garage!

Enjoying dinner on the front porch...

Some nights got a little too hyper and ended up with a big mess on the floor :)

Jon and Joseph worked a lot on finishing the mouldings
in the homeschool room and bathroom.

We brought 74 chairs, 8 tables and 2 water coolers home for the party :)

One night, we enjoyed a meat feast for dinner - thanks to Mark and Grandpa M!

Mark's smoker

It was delicious!

"Go, Rebecca, go!"

Lots and lots of boxes were burned...

Mark pressure washing the front porch...

Having some fun :)

"Don't fall, Joe!"

More pressure washing - think 10 hours or more!!!

Putting up a "Family" sign in the living room

Stay tuned for the surprise... 

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