Monday, June 1, 2015

God's plan - our protection, His provision

The late afternoon of April 25th, Mom and the seven girls were traveling home on I-75 North in the big gray van. Mom was almost at a stop because of construction traffic, and all of a sudden, the car traveling in back of us rear-ended us. The lady was probably going at least 60 mph when she hit the van at an angle in the back right corner. We did a total 180° and ended up almost on the left-hand shoulder - both of the cars were totaled. Mom also bumped the lady in front of us, but it was just a fender bender. Lydia was sitting in the very back seat with no seat belt on in the van and she flew forward 2 benches. She got a gash in the back of her head and was taken to the ER. Grace (who had a foot injury), Mary (who had a leg injury) and Rebecca (had a headache :)) got checked out too. All of the others were fine except for whiplash and everyone is going to chiropractic now...
Thank the Lord for his marvelous protection!

The hospital room at home :)

Muscle rub cream does the job!

A few days after the accident, some of our family went
to the junk yard to get a closer view of the van.

The old gray van, she ain't what she used to be...

The front looked as good as ever!

Lydia was sitting in the back bench right there

This was the car that hit us...

Filling out paperwork from the accident...

Here are a few pictures of what the van actually used to look like...

Goodbye, old Gray Dodge!

Hello, Chevy Express!

About 2 weeks after the accident, God provided this new-to-us 2006 van!
It was local, and was formerly a State of Michigan vehicle
that transported prisoners! The bars had been taken off,
and it was sold to an assisted living center, which only
used it briefly over the past 3 years. It has only
78,000 miles on it, very little rust, and lots of storage
in the back, which is safer overall. 

Here are a few blessings:
- The driver didn't hit the other side of the van where the gas tank was (nothing
impacted the gas tank, so there was no explosion).
- The whole family wasn't in the car.
- Grace had buckled up partway into the trip.
- There were no instruments in the car (the violins are stored under the back bench).
- Melody "randomly" wanted to sit in the front passenger seat that day. Normally she would've sat
in the back bench opposite Lydia's seat and would've been hurt much worse.
- We were supposed to take home a heavy welder and Jon's computer, both of which could have caused/received significant damage. We only had a cooler and a
few smaller items in the middle area of the van.
- No cars hit us as we slid around the freeway.
 - Lydia didn't have her seat belt on which allowed her to move with the impact and not have injuries as severe. She also had leg room, so that her legs weren't crushed.
- We were hit by a relatively small and short car which lessened the impact.
 - The big van itself was a huge protection.
- The ambulance that came by was a actually on its way home from Detroit to Flint, so it got to us quickly and took us to the exact hospital we wanted - 5 minutes away from home!
- We had been praying about a new van, so here was God's answer :)


  1. Praise the Lord for protecting you all and with only minor injuries too! Our van is also a prisoner van. :) ~Shiloh

  2. Wow! I'm glad that you are all okay. And how wonderful to get a new van so soon. God is indeed good. :)

  3. I am amazed at the goodness of God in protecting you all! What a tremendous testimony to His mercy. My Mom and sister and I were in a accident in our van 7 years ago. We were hit by a drunk driver, on the side, and spun arround 180 as well. I flew from the back seat to the middle seat like Lydia, as I was also not buckled in beacuse we had just dropped off a freind at her house. Our van was also totaled, but not beyond repair.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I'm amazed at God's protection for us all, and you all, and I know that He is faithful to use these times to help us to trust Him even more. May God be glorified through it all!