Friday, June 12, 2015

Memorial Day happenings

On Memorial Day, we had our annual softball 
game with some good friends!

Ethan was our youngest player - he did a great job!

We got rained out in the 5th inning, so we all went under the pavilion :)

Orange was obviously the color of the day!

Joseph and Alice H. - buddies :)

After about an hour, we went back to our game!

I (Lydia) was the catcher for part of the game - that was fun!

Caleb had an injury before the second part of the
game started, but he still played!

There's the ball!!

The final score was 8 - 8 - Mr. A. said we would have to come back
next year to find out who actually won :)

Both teams did a wonderful job!

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