Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Smashing Surprise Party!

So, when Dad and Mom got home from their 25th anniversary trip, we had a surprise party!

Cooking 35 lbs of sloppy joe meat :)


Watching a slideshow of pics from years gone past...

We kids re-did these pictures on the wall - we didn't want individual
pics from 4 years ago to still be there!

Mark had the idea of putting swings on our front porch and we love it!

Enjoying the beautiful swings along with the wonderful weather :)

See anything different?!?

This was how we transported our guests up to the house :)

We had 120 people come to the party!

How well do Mom and Dad know each other??

The lovely cake had their original wedding topper on it!

What a spread!

So good to see Corrie and family!

Funny memories from long ago

Fun visits!

Grace loves the quad!! 

Mom with her dear friend of 40 years, Becky, who was her matron of honor


Friends from years ago!

Let the games begin!

You mean us???

Great job, Collin!

Such a lovely couple!

Talks with good friends

Mark's mom was quite the driver!

Fun with friends

Mom's friend Nada from nearly 30 years ago in college

Another of Mom's dear bridesmaids - she wore Mrs. L.'s wedding veil!

Mom wore her aunt's wedding dress - Aunt June had passed away
at the age of 33 many years ago.

What a way to hang your heart!

Strange people after a long day and week!!

July 14, 1990

Happy early anniversary to Dad and Mom - we thank the Lord for your faithfulness to each other!


  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate such meaningful parents. I loved seeing all the pictures of you special day for your parents. What a blessing!

  2. Oh, how lovely and fun and sweet! My parent's twenty-fifth is coming in a little more than a year... it's time to start scheming! :)

    Standing on chairs by the stove... love it! I've done the same thing!